Michael Jordan’s Son Blasts Kobe Bryant, Says it’s No Comparison

| by Alex Groberman

A great find courtesy of the good people at SportsByBrooks.

Check out what the young Marcus Jordan, son of NBA legend Michael Jordan, had to say about Kobe Bryant:


The University of Central Florida (UCF) freshman’s tweet came as a result of ABC showing a statistical comparison between Jordan and Bryant during Game 7.

After seeing the graphic, the young Jordan was apparently so outraged at the notion that the most skilled player in the NBA today could be compared to his father that he just had to offer his two cents worth.

His Tweet: "NO ONE…And I mean NO ONE should EVER com par kobe Bryant to my dad an say that he is anywhere near close to my dad. He’s jagging this game."

Some of you may be wondering why Marcus’ name is so familiar. Well, the last time we heard about this kid was when his daddy was demanding UCF switch from its multi-million dollar endorsement agreement with Adidas, to a new deal with Nike. The school ultimately gave in to the demands, and it reportedly cost the school $3 million.

Stay classy, Jordans.