MLB: Mets’ Young Has a Shoulder Tear

| by Off The Record

The New York Mets just can’t catch a break. Some might call it karma for the Wilpon family, who many suspect knew exactly what was going on in the Bernie Madoff scam. Regardless, this team has bad luck.

They go out in 2008 and get Johan Santana from the Minnesota Twins. His arm is now badly damaged and I don’t think anyone other than maybe his mother think that he’ll ever be the same pitcher that he used to be. She probably dropped him from her dynasty fantasy league too.

To bolster the rotation this offseason, the Mets went out and got a guy who has been dominant in the past in Chris Young. However, injuries have been his problem for years now, and they are again his problem in 2011. Yup, he re-tore his shoulder.

“Young has re-tear of the anterior capsule in his shoulder. Same inj. as last year. Not sure if rehab or surgery. Either way, not good,” Mets announcer Kevin Burkhardt tweets.

Maybe this isn’t exactly bad luck seeing as how they had to expect that someway or another (whether he blew out his shoulder or got forearm tightness from enjoying scholarly pursuits), but Young was pitching pretty well and it would have helped the team tremendously if he could have given them more. Now, surgery or not, he ain’t pitching for the Mets any time soon.

And it’s not like they can call up their kid from Triple-A Buffalo. Nope, Jennry Mejia needs Tommy John surgery, so they would be hoping that he can pitch at some point before the next presidential election.

It’s a shame, but it’s more of the same luck for Young and the Mets organization.

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