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Drug Law

Medical Marijuana Roundup for 2010

| by NORML
By "Radical" Russ Belville

With the end of 2010 approaching I’m updating many of the charts I use in my marijuana law reform presentations.  I’ve taken the comparison chart I created before the election and updated it with the passage of Arizona’ law and failure of South Dakota’s initiative.

Click to view the full size chart in PDF format, with explanatory sheet.

We now have five medical marijuana states – Arizona, Maine, Montana, Michigan, and Rhode Island – that will recognize medical cards from any state.  Consider that when planning your next vacation, patients.

The last three places to pass medical marijuana do not allow patients to grow their own medicine at home. Arizona patients who live within 25 miles of a dispensary cannot grow cannabis and no patients in New Jersey and District of Columbia may grow their own medical marijuana, either.

Arizona’s medical marijuana initiative posted the narrowest win of any such initiative at 50.13%. Meanwhile, South Dakota’s second attempt at passing medical marijuana lost 12% at the polls, posting a 36% yes vote, down from a 48% yes vote just four years prior.

Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, we've almost got you surrounded!

With Arizona we now have fifteen states and DC that recognize medical use of cannabis to some degree. There is now a virtual “Western bloc”, other than Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming, operating in defiance of federal law. These states total 89 million in population, 29% of the United States, with 158 votes in the Electoral College. There are medical marijuana bills in many states, including New York, Pennsylvania, and Illinois, plus initiatives in others, like Florida. If just those four states passed medical marijuana, half of the American population and 258 Electoral Votes would come from medical marijuana states.

Dispensaries, DUID, Decrim, Medical, Initiatives, Vote Results, Vetoes, Hemp, Reciprocity - all on one map (click for full size)