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Aloha vibes, news and updates from Nicki Doane and Eddie Modestini!

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Namaste to everyone and Happy Spring!

April showers definitely have brought the May flowers to northern California.  It is so beautiful here right now!  We are awfully blessed to have been surrounded by so much natural beauty over the last few months; from the mountains of WY and ID to the lush jungle of Maui and now back to the stunning spring of the mainland. I am going to be seeing so many different places over the next six weeks as my whirlwind travel teaching schedule is taking me all over the world!  I sure hope to see lots of you in my upcoming travels.  This coming weekend will be our final weekend of the Teacher Training up in Kelowna.  I am a little sad for it to be ending since everyone is so nice up there and Susie takes such good care of me when I’m there.  Luckily, it looks like I will be going back up there next year to finish the second half of the 200 YA course.

I absolutely love New England in the Spring, so me being at Kripalu May 13-15 is something I am looking forward to in a big way.  I am not teaching on the east coast for at least 6 month so if you want to see me, come to Kripalu!!  I’m feeling very inspired of late… After Kripalu I am heading back to Canada.  This time it’s for a  4 day workshop at Downward Dog Studio in Toronto! We have been going there for years so I am excited to reconnect with both old and new students.  Thank you to Dianne, Ron and Meenakshi for bringing me back up.  Also cant wait for the green juice and the sweet potato fries with veggie gravy at Juice for Life!!!

I get back from Toronto just in time to chaperone my son Matteo’s overnight field trip to Fort Ross on the Sonoma coast.  It was an old Russian settler’s fort and we will be dressing up in period costumes! Fun!!!  I don’t get to participate in enough things with my kids school so any chance I can get to go, I do.  Especially because 2 days later I leave for my big trip to Bali!  I will be teaching 2 segments of a teacher training at a studio/ retreat center in Ubud called Radiantly Alive.  It is going to be epic!!  In between those two weeks I am going to Pure Yoga in Singapore for a teacher training and workshop as well.  It is so much fun to teach these kind of workshops because there is the opportunity to really go deep with the yoga.  Good stuff indeed..

When I get back from Bali, I am going to the east coast to visit family and do the east coast beach thing and just relax for a couple of weeks and then Eddie and I are doing a summer teaching tour in the Rockies July 8- August 3!  Lots of places, from Colorado to Idaho to Saskatoon and then to Montana!!  And now to repeat,  as I said in the last newsletter, we will not be teaching the 500 hour Continuing Ed teacher training course this summer.  It will be in March and April of next year, 2012 on Maui!  And for those people who cannot get to Maui, we are doing a 500-hour course starting in September at Westside Yoga Studio in Sebastopol.  People who are considering taking this training, please contact Westside ASAP to check out your payment options, etc.. There is still room so sign up now!

And last but not least, it looks about 95% certain that we will be moving back to Maui this summer!!  I am teaching a weeklong Intensive August 21-26, 2011 to celebrate! Please keep checking our website for the most current and up to date information on all of this.  Oh, one more thing, Eddie just found this old tape we have of Guruji blessing our studio on Maui!  It is so so cool to see the whole family in our space.  We’ll get it up on our website as well as on Youtube as soon as we can!  It’s really sweet..

So, I hope to see many of you as I travel this spring spreading the good yoga vibes to all who need them…myself included!  Thank you all for your love of yoga and your presence in our lives!  And a special thank you to all the amazing people who just completed our 200-hour training on Maui last month, what a great group of people and you all got along with each other so well.  That was great to witness.. And a special thanks to Robin Flam for sharing her incredible expertise with us all, I learned so much!  And also thanks to Rachel for the incredible food she prepared for us every day, it was amazing!!  And last but not least, thank you Dominique for your heartfelt participation and teaching.  We love you all!!!

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In Peace,

Nicki and Eddie, Maya Yoga Studio

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Upcoming Events

May 13th – 15th, 2011
Weekend Workshop with Nicki Doane @ Kripalu
Lennox, MA
Learn more

May 19th – 22nd, 2011
All Day Intensive & Weekend Workshop with Nicki Doane @ Downward Dog
Toronto, Ontario
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May 30th – June 2nd & June 13th – 16th, 2011
Teacher Training modules with Nicki Doane @ Radiantly Alive
Ubud, Bali
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June 8th – 12th, 2011
Workshop & Teacher Training Module with Nicki Doane @ True Yoga in Singapore
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July 8th – 10th, 2011
Mountain Pose Yoga Festival
Copper Mountain, CO
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July 11th – 12th, 2011
Workshops with Nicki & Eddie @ Vail Cascade
Vail, CO
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July 12th, 2011
Workshop with Nicki & Eddie @ Tadasana Yoga Studio
Nederland, CO
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July 13th – 14th, 2011
Workshops with Nicki & Eddie @ Teton Yoga Shala
Jackson Hole, WY
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Teacher Training

Maya Yoga 500 hour Teacher Training : parts 1 & 2 : March 11 – 30th & April 8th – 27th, 2012

Vinyasa Fusion is an aspect of Maya Yoga.  It is a synthesis of vinyasa, which merges breath and movement, with alignment and philosophy, guiding you towards self realization. Part 1 of this training will help you to blend alignment principles without losing the essence of a flowing vinyasa practice. In part 2 of the 500 hour program we will go deeper into the practice of seeing and understanding bodies.  The better we are able to see our students as who they really are, the better we are able to serve them.  This holistic view of a student should include their physical and emotional makeup as well as their spiritual intention. Ultimately it is learning to be present, the more present you are the better teacher you will be. Join us Spring 2012 and take your teaching to the next level!!

500 Hour Maya Yoga Teacher Training in Sebastopol, CA

Maya Yoga 500 hour YA accredited teacher training with Eddie Modestini and guest teacher Nicki Doane. An extended course spread over 12 months in Sebastopol, CA at Westside Yoga Studio. The training will commence in September 2011 with a 1 week intensive, which will be followed by 1 weekend a month for 10 consecutive months and ending with another 1 week intensive September 2nd, 2012.

Great payment plans available!! For more information and to register contact Westside.