Drug Law
Drug Law

Map of Marijuana Law Reform in the United States

| by NORML
By "Radical" Russ Belville

US marijuana law reform as of April 2010 - click for extra-large widescreen version suitable for desktop backgrounds or printing.

Here is my latest update of the medical marijuana map I’ve been creating for years.  I feel like this is my most comprehensive map yet.

-- Medical marijuana states are colored green and decriminalized states are colored gold.  States that have both medical and decriminalization are dark green.  The year medical marijuana was passed is listed, plus the percentage of voter support if it was passed by initiative.

-- States that are currently considering medical marijuana or legalization are surrounded by colored outlines.  Other colors signify states that have tried to reform marijuana laws and failed in the past, with the year and voter support.

-- Additional details about state marijuana laws, such as industrial hemp and zero tolerance per se DUID statutes, are indicated by icons.  Also, check marks indicate the states where citizens have the power of initiative.

I’ve compiled these data from NORML.org and Ballotpedia – please let me know if you find any errors or have additions.