2011 NFL Draft: Mallett Blows Off Panthers

| by Off The Record

The news on Arkansas QB Ryan Mallett just keeps getting worse. We mentioned the other day that he admitted to recreational drug use at the Combine, now we hear about him thoroughly shirking responsibility. And we don’t use the word “shirk” lightly.

Mallett met with Carolina Panthers officials for dinner on April 8th, the day before he was supposed to have his official visit. And sources tell NFP that he was out all night on the town after their little tete a tete and called in sick the next day for his formal meeting. You have to be kidding.

Part of us thinks that he started weighing his options about whether he felt like going to the meeting. And he thought, ‘are they really going to take me No. 1? Eh….nope.’ And then decided to blow it off. We’ve all done that type of crap, just not on this level. It is, after all, his career we’re talking about. It was actually probably worse. He was probably laying in his hotel bed hungover and thought, ‘is there going to even be football next year? Eh….nope.’ And then decided to blow it off.

Here is where Mallett really blew it. No, the Panthers aren’t taking you No. 1 overall. Not happening. However, they do have the first pick in the second round and will absolutely need a QB if they don’t take Cam Newton first (they should take another QB anyway. Can never be too sure).

Regardless of all my guessing, it’s probably safe to say that one more team added Mallett to their “Do Not Draft” List.

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