MLB: Mariners Designate Bradley for Assignment

| by Off The Record

Yet another team in another town has come to the conclusion that Milton Bradley isn’t worth it. In the past, he’s been incredibly productive, making it worth someone’s while to keep him around and deal with his myriad of antics. But, he’s just not anymore and hence the Seattle Mariners have designated him for assignment.

It looked like Bradley would hang around after Ryan Langerhans got designated for assignment when the M’s called up Mike Wilson. But the roster re-tooling wasn’t done as they also brought up Carlos Peguero.

At that point, you look at Bradley’s .218 batting average and the decision gets quite easy.

If Bradley was a high character guy and a veteran leader on the team, maybe this doesn’t happen. But he’s not and we know he’s not. This is a guy that was arrested for a felony not too long ago for throwing a glass at his wife.

Someone will probably roll the dice on Bradley, but I don’t see anyone making him an everyday starter unless everyone on the team got hurt at the same time.

OTR wants to let everyone know that if you are friends with a Mariners fan or anyone that lives in the greater Seattle area, you just maybe just let them be this week. It’s a time when those in Seattle really need to spend time with close family and loved ones, and really do a lot of reflecting on the Milton Bradley era.

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