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The Lotus House of Yoga in Omaha, Nebraska is the area’s finest yoga and wellness sanctuary!

From the studio website:

Lotus Yoga Lotus House of Yoga Omaha

About the Lotus House of Yoga

Lotus House of Yoga is a studio where you can take root and grow. Our dynamic Vinyasa style classes combine music, fluid movement, breath and loving energy. We believe that everyone needs to feel the love of a healing touch and we are passionate about creating a friendly, fun and happy environment to nourish body and soul. We all Shine On at Lotus House of Yoga and want to continue to grow our happy Lotus family. Our staff is diverse, well educated and passionate. Once per month we host guest teachers, musicians and DJ’s from the national scene. Our rockin’ lifestyle boutique will keep you outfitted in the best, most beautiful, high quality gear.

Yogis of all levels are welcome, every individual is following a unique path and we encourage everyone to find their own rhythm within.

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Class Descriptions


Eight Limbed Path as taught by Sri Pattabhi Jois, the father of Flow and Power classes. This intense class involves a progressive series of precise poses produces internal heat and detoxifying sweat. During this class you will also notice incresased self awareness, concentration and determination.


A dynamic class designed to connect energetic muscles and a focused mind. This class offers the full spectrum of yoga benefits including a vigorous workout, increased flexibility and a bliss filled mind.

Basic Flow

A class built for the beginners and brand new yogis! Learn the foundations of a healthy yoga practice that will energize the body and vitalize the mind.


A vigorous class of vinyasa practice, this powerful sequence builds heat and demands strength. This class takes the body from full throttle to serene soul through inversions, arm balances, and lots of chaturanga push ups!

Yin Yoga

This is a gentle class that leaves the yogi nourished and calm. These postures utilize props and are excellent for those who crave warmth and relaxation. This class is also perfect for those recovering from injury, surgery or illness. You will settle in to a place of deep contentment to heal the body and still the mind.

Hyp Yoga

Hyp-Yoga is a natural, effective way to change your mind and change your body. It is an integrative method to achieve the body shape, weight, and feeling that is truly your own. It is the evolution of mind-body fitness that guides students through the journey of reaching goals while staying balanced and in the present moment.  Yoga is a powerful tool that allows its participants to reconnect with themselves and to rejuvenate. Hyp-Yoga takes participants another step into this natural process by connecting and balancing what our mind wants with our actual behaviors. Whether students are working on specific goals like eating healthier and losing weight or just wanting to reach a younger, happier self, Hyp-Yoga’s unique combination of yoga and hypnosis can guide them to results more quickly.

Yoga for Golfers

A practice built especially for those who love the dawn patrol. This hour focuses on balance, strength, back relief, and visualization. Learn to quiet the mind and direct your focus into your shot. The power of focus is fundamental to your game. Jack Nicklaus was putting for the lead in a major when a dog ran onto the green. He sunk the putt without hesitation. When asked about the distraction he replied, “What dog?”

Yoga for Runners

The impact of pounding the pavement is often felt in the legs of runners. This class will offer postures that soften the joints paying special attention to the knees. We will access the elusive focus and calm only felt on a run and bring it onto the yoga mat.

Yoga for Cyclists

This practice is for those who are no stranger to spandex! Grab your Assos wear and gear up for a class designed for a cyclist. In this practice you will utilize strength, yet release tension, relieve sore muscles and create flexibility. The focus and drive you harness on the bike will carry you through this class.

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Teacher Training

A Transformational, Yoga Alliance Registered 300 and 500 hour Training Program for Committed Yoga Practitioners and new or current Yoga Teachers. To share the joy of yoga is to truly know the love it creates within you. This is a powerful program that sets you on the path for successful and effective teaching. Through our training you will learn traditional yoga philosophy and history and how to apply this ancient tradition to modern times. Lotus teacher training also teaches vital vinyasa elements such as sequencing, anatomy, creating a perfect playlist, and finding your voice.

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Upcoming Workshops/Events

June 26th

Float and Fly & Master Class with Jen Chiarelli

July 15th – 17th

Asana Families – Energy, Alignment, and Assists with Gina Captuto

July 31st

The Prana Vayus – Energy Lines in Asana with Carole Westerman

August 20th

Pre/Post-Natal Teacher Training with Carole Westerman

September 9th – 11th

Flowmotion with Sarah Tomson Beyer

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