Movie Posters of Lindsay Lohan as Porn Star Linda Lovelace

| by Oh The Scandal

The promo posters showing Lindsay Lohan as Deep Throat porn star Linda Lovelace have been revealed.

Celeb photographer Tyler Shields took the snaps of perpetual party girl LiLo – he’s the same fella who took those dodgy shots of her covered in blood and pointing a pistol to her gob last month.

He told People.com, “Lindsay is amazing to work with; we have done it a few times, and each time it gets better!”

He might want to re-phrase that. People will jump to the wrong conclusions about you two.

One of the snaps depicts a brunette Lohan sat on a bed in her bra, with what looks like a punter unbuckling his belt in the background. While the other (below) sees her flat on her back in her panties.

Hmmm, we wonder how that alcohol monitoring bracelet will interfere with the filming…

Lindsay Lohan stars as Linda Lovelace