Lisa Marie Presley to Oprah: Michael Jackson "Chose Drugs Over Me"

| by I Need My Fix

For the first time since ex-husband’s Michael Jackson’s death, Lisa Marie Presley broke her silence by sitting down exclusively with Oprah Winfrey to discuss having kids, shielding them from the glare of Hollywood, and, of course, Michael Jackson.

She discusses how the day he died, before she found out about his death, she was sobbing all day long:

“It was the strangest day of my life; I was crying all day… I don’t normally do that… I was literally cutting my food, eating my dinner crying and I wanted to go upstairs and just go to bed and watch something mindless on TV and stop crying.

I looked at my husband (Michael Lockwood) and said, ‘I don’t know what’s wrong with me – I just can’t stop!’

And then, an hour later the knock came and I heard… It was a friend of mine… and actually I started getting texts: ‘Are you OK? Are you OK? John Travolta was one of the first texts I got: ‘Are you alright?’ I said, ‘Is this actually happening…?’


Her first reaction to his death:

“I was floored, honestly floored.”


The last year and a half has brought great clarity to her:

“This whole last year and a half has been spent trying to gain the clarity, because, at some point, I pushed it away and I just had to move on with my life and then that happened. It was like a tidal wave.”

And she’s glad she took time to pick her words carefully: “I understand him (Jackson) now more than I ever did so when I speak about him, I can speak about him with understanding. It’s all good now.

“I was so angry (with him) because we were so united and at some point he pushed me out… There was a very profound point in the marriage when he had to make a decision: Was it the drugs and the vampires or me, and he pushed me away.”<


To see her smile, she looks exactly like her father, it’s really incredible. The interview is in six parts. Some of it overlaps slightly but it’s really quite fascinating to see and hear her talk about Michael and her father Elvis Presley and the similarities between the two icons.