Lifestyle 101: Detox with Kurt Johnsen | Dallas, TX 5/28

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Detox Yoga with Kurt Johnsen at American Power Yoga in Dallas, Texas on May 28th!

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Kurt Johnsen

If you want a little more pep in your step, manage weight, clear your skin or re-energize your spirit then it’s time for the APY’s Lifestyle 101: Detox Workshop. We highly recommend a 3o day detox twice a year to assist the bodies natural ability to rid itself of the toxins that surround us all day, every day (fumes, pesticides, junk food, smog, artificial sweeteners, preservatives). Much like how oil changes keep your car running better longer, a detox works exactly the same way as a simple maintenance for long term health. This is not your average detox though where you drink nothing but water and paprika pepper and spend your day in the bathroom. We combine the highest grade natural supplements, nutritional modifications, and yoga that will cleanse the body and the mind. This is not a weight loss program, but losing weight is one of the many side effects!

Other side effects are:

• decrease in allergies
• increase in energy
• clearer skin
• improved digestion
• and the peace of mind that they’re doing something great for your body for years to come!

Our program includes:

• 30 days of unlimited yoga at APY
• the highest quality nutritional supplements
• Daily Movements to work the lymph system (or bodies built in detox system)
• eliminating problematic foods and daily toxic products
• 2 group meetings with TANITA testing (measures your fat to muscle ratio)
• weekly coaching

Register by 5/1 and save for $235 total!

between 5/2-5/27 for $255 or $285 at the door

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**Payment plans are available. Call the studio or email [email protected] for questions