2011 NBA Playoffs: Lakers Get Destroyed by Mavs, Act Like Thugs

| by Off The Record

The two-time defending Los Angeles Lakers were the No. 2 seed in the NBA playoffs this year. After a win in round one, they ran smack into the Dallas Mavericks, who dropped a thorough beatdown on the Lakeshow.

But it wasn’t just that they lost, it was how they lost. In Game 1 they blew a 16-point lead. Another game they blew a seven-point lead. They looked lost throughout the series that culminated in a sweep on Sunday with a 122-86 Mavericks win. You read that right. Talk about getting stomped like a narc at a biker rally.

So as today’s final smack in the face deteriorated, so did the Lakers’ behavior. Down by 28 with about nine minutes left, Lamar Odom committed a flagrant-2 foul on Dirk Nowitski and was promptly ejected. Pretty classless, but it gets worse.

Moments later, Laker big man Andrew Bynum delivered a cheap-shot elbow to J.J. Barea. He wasn’t even making a play on the ball and was clearly trying to hurt the guy. It took the refs roughly 1.2 seconds to decide that he had to be tossed too. He’s most definitely going to pay a stiff fine.

What a way for Phil Jackson to end his career. An embarrassing loss to end an embarrassing series, filled with embarrassing behavior. Well done.

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