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Pot in Halloween Candy! LA Sheriff Tries to Scare Prop 19 Voters

| by NORML

The man on the left wears the scariest costume a pot smoker can imagine.

(LA Times) The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is urging parents to look for candy containing marijuana this Halloween.

Because when an adult buys marijuana that costs $300 ounce, he wants to waste it by putting it in Halloween candies for kids.

Investigators have confiscated candies and snacks containing pot from marijuana dispensaries, and they are concerned such items could wind up in children’s trick-or-treat bags, they said Friday in a statement.

Wouldn’t that be marijuana dispensaries where children are not allowed?

The warning comes days before Californians vote on Proposition 19, the marijuana legalization measure. Sheriff Lee Baca opposes the proposition and has said he will continue to arrest marijuana growers even if it is approved.

I’m sure the timing is purely coincidental.

Officials said in their warning that the confiscated items were untested and unlicensed, and some of the packaging could be attractive to children. The department encouraged parents to check Halloween candy and other snacks for indications they were tampered with.

That’s certainly a wise idea, but how do you know the treats have cannabis in them without trying them?

The department has not received reports in previous years of candy or snacks containing pot being distributed to Halloween trick-or-treaters.

Just because it has never happened in the past in Los Angeles or anywhere else in the nation doesn’t mean that Sheriff Baca can’t pretend that it might happen in an effort to scare you.