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Kurt Johnson is a Dallas, TX based yoga teacher, and the founder of American Power Yoga…

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About Kurt

Kurt Johnsen has spent a lifetime studying health and happiness. He is the founder of American Power Yoga is the official yoga instructor of the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders. He created and hosted 40 episodes of the nationally televised Yoga for Life. His latest DVD, the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader’s Body Slimming Yoga was awarded “Best Yoga for All Levels” in Fitness Magazine Feb 2010. He has over 7,500 teaching hours and has trained over 100 American Power Yoga instructors. He is a master (5th degree black belt) in Tibetan Kung Fu and is well versed in ju jitsu, tai chi, chi gung, herbology and acupuncture. He also currently hosts the Health, Wealth & Happiness radio show weekdays on Clear Channels 1190am in Dallas Texas and globally on He was certified as a personal trainer by the Cooper Clinic and he is a former student of some of the most well recognized yoga masters in the world, including Manju Jois, Beryl Bender Birch, Sean Corne and his personal favorite, Bryan Kest.


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About American Power Yoga

The Collection of Many is Stronger than One.

Many martial arts practices are designed to help the student adapt, evolve and progress with time. Probably the most famous martial arts practice is Bruce Lee’s, Jit Kun Do. After mastering several and exploring many more, Bruce Lee put together what he considered to be the strengths of several styles. Yoga practices have evolved as well. Bikram, Power Yoga, and others are taken from a collection of sources. American Power Yoga (APY) is a collection of all that I have learned from my teachers and a thoughtful collaboration with my sister, Jennifer.

Many of the principles and practices, as well as the philosophy of APY, come from my training in the Tibetan Lightning Fire Mountain (LFM) system of health and kung fu. The system includes yoga, kung fu, tai chi, meditations, acupuncture, herbology, chi gung, weapons training, and more. It also contains energy. It is hard to explain. However, with practice it becomes more apparent. It is the energy of many people and hundreds of years of people working hard to help others with the practices found within LFM, and now APY. The purpose of the system is Tibetan Buddhist in nature – to assist all sentient beings.

“The system of APY,” Kurt says, “is about strength. Not just physical strength, but inner strength; the strength to be resilient; the strength to practice mental and physical discipline; the strength to recognize one’s weaknesses and accept them with compassion.”


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Enhance your APY classroom experience. Practice your poses on the road. Or unlock your inner and outer strength in the comfort and privacy of home. American Power Yoga videos are designed to deliver the APY practice and philosophy — and even the atmosphere — wherever you are in your yoga adventure.

Yoga for Life DVD – Six 44-minute yoga classes  from Veria TV’s Yoga for Life, (seen on Veria TV  available on the Dish Network (9575) or Verizon FiOS (169) with Kurt Johnsen as your host!

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Home Studio Schedule | American Power Yoga


8:30am – APY Open Level

4:15pm – Cross Train

5:15pm – APY Open Level


5:15pm – APY Open Level


9:30am – APY Cross Training

10:30am – APY Open Level


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Upcoming Workshops and Events

May 28th

Lifestyle 101: Detox – American Power Yoga – Dallas, TX

July 26th – 29th

Wine, Body, Spirit – Yoga Retreat to Napa

September 8th – December 9th

American Power Yoga 200 Hour Teacher Training – Dallas, TX


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