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Woman Has Cosmetic Surgery to Look Like Barbie Doll

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As well as a boob job boosting her from a modest 30B to a huge 30G, the mum-of-one has paid for expensive veneers on her teeth, lip injections, fillers and Botox. She also injects herself daily with a potent tanning drug to get a rich mahogany glow unattainable from a bottle. And the model – who is now completely unrecognisable from the shy teenager she once was – admits to being addicted to the kick surgical enhancements give her. Kirsty said: “People are amazed when they hear I’m only 20 and have already spent thousands of pounds on surgery, but I don’t regret any of it. If it makes me look and feel better then it’s worth it. Plus it gives me the most amazing buzz.”

Kirsty Yaqub is a gal in the UK who at the young age of 20 has had a ton of cosmetic surgery. She seems to be going for the artificial look (“Barbie Doll” look) that many plastic surgeons specifically seek to avoid.

While I believe she has the right to do whatever she wants with her body, I am not so sure I would want to be involved in that kind of transformation. Then again maybe it is just the filler images at the Sun that turn me off. Her pics at her own web site appear much less distorted. I have never been a “Trout Pout” fan. Her body looks pretty good although she went pretty large on the implants and they might not age very well. For the record, my main focus in treating clients is to provide changes that have the best chance of aging well and have low risk. I admittedly have my own standards of improvement versus distortion. We all do. And the the tanning injections freak me out. What they might be is kinda scary.

It is interesting that she seems most thrilled about people knowing how much she has spent on her surgery.

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