Kings’ DeMarcus Cousins Bashes Andrew Bynum After Lakers Finals Win

| by Alex Groberman

A great find by the good people at SportsByBrooks.

While everyone at the Staples Center was busy cheering and lighting cars on fire when the Los Angeles Lakers beat the Boston Celtics for their sixteenth NBA Championship, verbal shots were being fired over in Sacramento.

Via his Twitter account, the Sacramento Kings’ first round draft pick, DeMarcus Cousins, had this to say about Lakers center, Andrew Bynum:

“Bynum doesn’t deserve to touch the trophy!”

Tough talk from a guy who couldn’t lead the most talented college basketball team in the country to a championship.

Rather than trying to re-ignite the Lakers-Kings rivalry that once existed when the Kings were actually good, Cousins would be better served trying to focus on the upcoming season.

Coming into the draft, the Kentucky big man had the skills to fit with any team, really. He has the size, strength and athleticism to really make an impact at the next level. That’s not to say, however, that there are no question marks regarding his game.

This is a player who for the life of him, could not stay out of foul trouble in college. And this was against slower, less athletic players. If he couldn’t stay on the court in that style of play, how will he ever get enough playing time in the pros to body up Bynum and actually walk the walk after talking the talk?

Further, Cousins’ attitude problems have been well documented. The guy had the talent and NBA body to be a top-three pick in the draft, qualities which were of course offset by the fact that he has the maturity level of a 12-year-old.

Anyway, it’s always nice to see players come into the league with a bit of attitude, but you have to wonder if challenging the starting center on the championship squad is taking it a bit too far.

Check out Cousins’ tweet below.