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Kids Taken Away From Calif. Couple Accused of Growing Marijuana

| by DeepDiveAdmin

A San Francisco couple accused of growing marijuana had their children taken away from them, but not because of the thousands of pot plants around the house. No, police found fault with their electrical fuse box.

Earlier this week police raided two homes and a warehouse belonging to Jon and Yan Ling Rahoi. They said they found 5,900 "mature" marijuana plants. Police estimate the street value of the pot at $200,000 (which SF Weekly, which reported the story, said is very low).

In addition to the marijuana charges, the Rahois also face felony child endangerment charges. It apparently takes a lot of power to run the indoor lights that make the plants grow. And using so much juice would alert the power company that something is amiss. So, as SF Weekly explains:

The Rahois did what most illicit pot growers do: they jumped their home's utility box in order to both hide the egregious amount of energy a pot grow requires and to steal some extra juice from the power lines outside. All that extra voltage on wires not designed to handle it creates a fire hazard, and having kids in a fire hazard is, well, against the law.

"If someone is letting their children reside in an unsafe home, whether or not marijuana is involved, that's a crime," police spokesman Officer Boaz Marales said. Had the box not been jumped, the endangerment charge wouldn't have been included, he added.

The Rahois' three children are under the care of relatives as the couple awaits trial.

And as SF Weekly concludes:

So there you have it: kids can roam free in a marijuana field, just as long as said marijuana field isn't a tinderbox waiting to go off. Or something.