Kids Can Make New Years Resolutions Too

| by Dr Shu
Nearly half of all adults are resolving to improve something about themselves this year. Kids can get in on the fun also! January is the perfect time to check in with your kids to see what they'd like to resolve to do. If your child attends day care or school, her teacher may have already done this activity with her, but she may have different goals at home than at school.

Try to keep things realistic and motivating to your child. For example, "I will clean my room every week" is a great resolution because it states how often it will be done, is a manageable task for a child (cleaning her room daily may be too much to hope for) and has an added benefit of allowing your child to be able to find her favorite toys easily (which may keep her motivated all year long!). Also, your child will see visible results quickly, and if she keeps it up, future cleanings will be faster than at the beginning.

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Happy 2009!