Animal Rights
Animal Rights

KFC's Double Down: Quadruple the Animal Cruelty

| by PETA

KFC's Double Down begins clogging arteries and decreasing life expectancies nationwide in just a few days. The sandwich "vilest food product created by man," consists of bacon and cheese sandwiched between two fried chicken breasts, and according to KFC, is only 540 calories—and 32 g of fat, and 1,380 mg of sodium.

With two chicken breasts, cheese, and bacon, the Double Down means quadruple the Kentucky Fried Cruelty for animals, and it could mean quadruple bypasses for consumers. So as KFC debuts its heart attack on a sans bun, PETA will begin touring the country with our anti-KFC hearse, which will make its first stop in KFC's hometown, Louisville, Kentucky.

Keep your eyes peeled, the hearse could be coming to a Kentucky Fried Cruelty near you!

Posted by Logan Scherer