Kenyon Martin Unhappy with Denver Nuggets

| by Off The Record

The Denver Nuggets have some unhappy campers on their team. We all know about Carmelo Anthony and his desire to get shipped out of town to the team of his choosing. But, it seems like another high-paid player in the last year of his contract isn’t thrilled either.

That would be Kenyon Martin. He’s due to make $16.5 million this year and he doesn’t like the fact that the team has not offered him an extension.

I don’t want to leave,” Martin said Thursday, per the Denver Post. “I love the guys, I love the organization. But I understand if that is going to be the case. They haven’t said anything all summer. Wait. They said something; they gave Al (Harrington) the money. I don’t have any problem with Al, but me and Al play the same position. I think I’ve helped around here. I don’t think I’ve been that big of a problem. I think I’ve helped win a few games here and there.”

The Nuggets just gave Harrington a huge $34 million deal in July. And apparently, Martin noticed that little fact.

“Like I said, I don’t have a problem with Al,” Martin said. “Al earned that money playing last year in New York. He played his butt off last year. But I feel me being here and what I’ve done for this (team)… (an offer) would have at least been extended, and it wasn’t. So who made that decision, I don’t know. If those people are no longer here, I don’t know who made that decision. But the decision was made. And I ain’t happy. They know it. Everybody knows it.

“But I’m not going to keep on about it. I’m not going to distract from the team and everything else. I have enough going on with this knee. If they want to give me another contract here, they will. If not, I’ll go somewhere else and play.”

Should be a good, productive season in Denver. They have a bunch of malcontents in a conference with high-end teams. Should be fun.