Rolling Stone Cover: Katy Perry's Parents Speak In Tongues

| by Oh The Scandal

Katy Perry is this month’s cover girl for Rolling Stone magazine.

Between the glossy covers, Perry waxes lyrical about her religious upbringing (her parents are both Christian ministers), and speaking in tongues. As you do.

Highlights include…

Katy Perry. Pic: Rolling Stone

On speaking in tongues:
“Speaking in tongues is as normal to me as ‘Pass the salt.’ It’s a secret, direct prayer language to God. A lot of religions use meditation or chanting. It’s a secret, direct prayer language to God. My dad speaks in tongues and my mom interprets it. That’s their gift.”

On struggling financially while growing up:
“Sometimes we ate from the same food bank we used to feed our congregation and I was very embarrassed by that.”

On her strict parents:
“I wasn’t ever able to say I was ‘lucky’ because my mother would rather us say that we were blessed, and she also didn’t like that lucky sounded like Lucifer. Devilled eggs were called ‘angelled’ eggs. I wasn’t allowed to eat Lucky Charms, but I think that was the sugar. I think my mom lied to me about that one.”

Perry’s also been blabbing to Britain’s Q magazine, revealing that her parents were strict with her because they didn’t want her to “turn out like a prostitute”.

She told the mag: “Some people are fascinated with the idea of a great storyline: good girl, Christian parents, goes bad… My song I Kissed A Girl provided the perfect storyline, so it’s entertaining for people. My parents were really strict at first, because they didn’t want me to turn out like a prostitute.

“There’s a button that all kids have with their parents. It’s like this red button that we push. And the paint has chipped off of my red button in a few places because of the constant pushing.”

Perry, who voices the voice of Smurfette in the upcoming Smurfs movie, adds that her parents weren’t fans of the little blue people.

“My parents felt that the Smurfs’ reliance on sorcery and magic was sending the wrong messages to me as a child. But it seems I am destined to push my mother’s red button,” she added

“They stopped me watching ‘The Smurfs’ and I f***ing became one. They banned me from eating sugar and I got sugar. I cannot be f***ing well stopped, baby!”