Animal Rights
Animal Rights

Joss Stone Gets Naked Over Queen's Guards

| by PETA

Award-winning British soul singer Joss Stone says there's one thing that she can't bear—the killing of bears to make hats for The Queen's Guards.

Joss Stone shows that bears are for cuddling, not killing.

The "For the Love of You" singer is baring all for the love of Canadian bears, who are sometimes shot or ensnared in traps, where they may languish for days. Some wounded bears escape, only to die slowly of starvation or blood loss.

Stone, a World's Sexiest Vegetarian winner, previously collaborated with PETA on a pro-vegetarian ad. Now, she's calling on the U.K.'s Ministry of Defence to approve the new faux-bearskin cap designed by Stella McCartney. The faux cap looks just like the real thing, but it breathes better and is less expensive—and you can make one without harming a single hair on a bear's head. Everybody wins!

Written by Michelle Sherrow