Jonny Kest Yoga 200 Hour Teacher Training | Center for Yoga June 17th – July 17th

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Midwest Yogis – are you ready to take your practice to the next level?

Center for Yoga’s Jonny Kest 200 hour teacher training kicks off June 17th, and it is going to be incredible. Details and information below from the studio website:

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By way of breath, Jonny brings a beautiful balance of intensity and grace to each therapeutic class where he encourages the student to ‘get out of their own way’ and allow one’s own healing powers to inspire each practice. Jonny Kest Yoga Teacher Training program is a course of study and practice. This course begins with the principles and practice of Ashtanga/Vinyasa Yoga, a dynamic, energetic sequence of postures that creates internal body heat, thereby promoting physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing. The program then focuses on Slowburn Yoga, a style of yoga developed by Jonny. This form of Hatha Yoga uses the complete yoga breath and closed eyes to focus attention inward. The combination of breath and focused attention brings great ease to the body, as it releases tension that is often the root cause of illness. In addition, students will study the philosophy of yoga and develop a meditation practice. Each teacher training session includes a weekend retreat as part of the course.

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Program Information

There are no experience or knowledge prerequisites for this course – only a deep commitment to oneself. Students of all levels are encouraged to use this course to either begin or continue a journey of personal exploration and acceptance, and to develop or enhance yoga teaching competencies.


Cultivate ujjayi (ocean) breath, bandhas (energy locks), and inward focus

Increase strength, stamina, flexibility, and balance

Establish and deepen a daily asana practice

Receive and perform hands-on adjustments

Slowburn YOGA

Utilize the breath to its greatest effect

Deepen your understanding of poses and their effects

Begin to read the body and adapt poses appropriately

Sequence poses to create a balanced flow

Understand the root cause of back pain

Move the spine in six directions to maintain optimal health


Learn to articulate the muscular-skeletal components of selected postures

Deepen your knowledge of the therapeutic value of the asanas in the primary series

Discover an anatomical language suitable for teaching

Learn safe, effective adjustments and modifications


Develop the faculty of concentration

Cultivate deeper levels of awareness and balance in mind and body

Establish a daily personal practice

Learn to lead group meditation


Assist students in experiencing transformation

Individualize instruction for students with special needs

Give safe and effective adjustments

Sequence postures and structure a class

Share meditation techniques

Communicate effectively without sacrificing the integrity of a strong class

Work with a partner

Cultivate deep relaxation in students

Tailor sessions for both individual and group instruction

Give and receive goal-directed feedback

Listen Empathically

Student Testimonials

The Center for Yoga Teacher Training with Jonny Kest is an exceptional opportunity for yoga teachers and students alike. What Jonny Kest brings to the training program is his passion and love of yoga. He has the gift to connect with students and help them find their own potential and gifts they have to offer. For me, it was about transformation. It doesn’t necessarily come from a book, but it does come from within and Jonny’s training brings that out in each individual who participates in his program. - Julie Gilbert, RYT, CFY Student

To be a truly excellent teacher, one must live yoga-incorporate its power of connection into every arena of life. Jonny’s Teacher Training gives concrete tools to do that. I’m grateful for the opportunity I’ve had to grow through this program. -Jason Hulshof, Teacher CFY

Jonny’s focus on self-awareness and equanimity transforms a yoga posture into a subtle personal journey. I had 15 years previous hatha yoga experience and this teacher training both deepened my personal practice and provided truths and principles that enhance my experience of universal harmony. -Ro Coury, CFY Student

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