Wizards Wall's Opening Night Jersey Sold for $7,520

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The NBA introduced new jersey’s this year known as NBA Revolution 30. The jerseys were designed by adidas after undergoing four years of testing on over 200 athletes. According to Travis Blasingame, adidas’ global director of basketball apparel, the jerseys are 30 percent lighter than ones used in the past and dry 50 percent faster.

In recognition of the new jersey’s the NBA launched NBA Auctions—a website auctioning off game-worn NBA Revolution 30 jerseys. One of the jerseys recently auctioned was John Wall’s #2 jersey, which he wore in his first NBA game against the Orlando Magic. Wall finished the game with 14 points, nine assists, and one rebound in 35 minutes of play.

The Wall jersey opened at $250 and two weeks and 28 bids later sold for $7,520. That’s a pretty hefty price tag to own a piece of NBA history, but I guess “jtnbafan” really wanted it.

Below is an image of the auctioned off jersey.