John Lennon Songwriting Contest Video Challenge Winners | Third Nature (video inside!)

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Last week the Musician’s Friend Presents the John Lennon Songwriting Contest winners were announced…

Check out this AWESOME video by up-and-coming band, Third Nature – enjoy!

Click here to view the embedded video.


third nature John Lennon Songwriting Contest Video Challenge Winners | Third Nature (video inside!)

About The Band

Third Nature is – Tom Best (Drums), Will Dowling (Bass), and Merrick Noyes (Keyboard). Third Nature’s sound depends heavily on the mutual trust of the band mates and their ability to communicate almost telepathically. It is apparent to any audience member at a Third Nature show how close the band mates are musically and personally. Making use of floating synthesized melodies, a thumping bass drum, and euphoric undulating bass lines, Third Nature creates a tangible energy at live shows that keeps crowds sweating and dancing the night away. Third Nature has become the “band to see” for Skidmore college students. Even amongst a student body that has diverse musical tastes, Third Nature has been able to appeal to anyone and everyone who wants to get down. To put it simply, Third Nature knows how to throw the best party in town. Third Nature’s history is rich despite its youth and limited touring experience. Each of the members has known one another, in some way, for their entire lives. Keyboardist Merrick Noyes and drummer Tom Best grew up in the same small town in northwestern Connecticut. As cousins, Noyes and bassist Will Dowling grew up together and fostered each other’s musical development since they first picked up instruments. Dowling met and befriended Best when the trio began to attend the same high school in 2004. They have been playing together ever since. Find them on Facebook or MySpace.