Jets Need to Get Revis Back for Ravens

| by Off The Record

If it seems like we are a little heavy on the football posts lately, it’s only because it’s the greatest damn sport on the planet next to women’s field hockey (which we don’t cover nearly enough). But anyway, it seems like the New York Jets are going to rush newly signed CB Darrelle Revis as much as possible to get him ready for the Baltimore Ravens in Week 1.

So where is Revis right now exactly?

“He looked good,” coach Rex Ryan said. “Actually, I’m supposed to say from the defensive staff that he looks slow [and] maybe we’ll rotate him in. That was from [defensive coordinator] Mike Pettine. I don’t know. We may just spell him a little bit to give Baltimore hope that he’s not out there. Everybody that knows me knows he’s going to play. . . . He had a pick, he knocked a ball out, he dropped another one. He was all over the place. He was Darrelle. He’s an amazing guy. ”

Ryan said that Revis looks pretty good, but that he does have some rust to shake off.

“I think it would be the coming in and out of breaks,” Ryan said, “the quick change of directions [and] the constant playing shape. It’s one sprint after another. He is in great shape. It’s just getting him to where he can set his pads. I think that’s maybe what we’ve got to overcome a little bit.”

Ryan doesn’t think that the Ravens would go after Revis a little bit this week because he’s not in full game shape.

“The guy has missed all of training camp,” Ryan said. “They should do that. Find him and go to him and go to him often. They’re smarter than that. They’re not coming after him. No way.”

We don’t expect Revis to be 100% Revis in the first few weeks, but it doesn’t really matter. 50% of Revis is still insane. We’re pretty sure that the Jets are excited to have signed him to a new contract and that the whole holdout ordeal is over.