Jennifer Lopez to American Idol: I am So Filthy Rich

| by Oh The Scandal
Jennifer Lopez: Her jewellery box runneth over...

Jennifer Lopez: Her jewellery box runneth over...

Diva, diva, diva! Is this Jennifer Lopez’s way of getting back at American Idol bosses after they reportedly dropped her as a potential judge for the show?

Word at the water cooler this week said the Latina was in talks with Idol bosses to replace Ellen DeGeneres and Simon Cowell.

But talks between Lopez and bigwigs reportedly stalled, according to People.

“Her demands got out of hand. Fox had just had enough,” says a snitch.


Well, it looks like Jen has caught wind of the rumours and taken action in the only way a cornered showbiz animal can.

J-Lo tweeted the pic above of her glittery-goods today, captioned, “Hmmm… what should I wear today?”

Oh, she’s good! That’s almost Joan Collins good!

Sad and dejected over the Idol shunning? Not ruddy likely.

Meanwhile, one of my sources tells me Idol bosses are now talking to Shania Twain about joining the show.

Stay tuned…