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New York Giants

Giants' Brandon Jacobs Fined $10,000 for Throwing Helmet

| by Off The Record

New York Giants RB Brandon Jacobs created quite a stir on Sunday night when he ran like crap on a particular play, came out of the game, and then oh looky here there is a helmet in the stands.

He claimed that he tried to slam the helmet into the bench and it slipped out of his hands. Uh huh. Then why were you yelling at the fans just moments earlier, Brandon? That didn’t makes sense to us then and it doesn’t make sense now.

And the NFL agrees with us. They just slapped him with a light fine (in our opinion) of $10,000 for chucking his helmet in the stands. We say that’s light because it wouldn’t be a stretch to call that assault if someone had gotten hurt. And with leagues extremely concerned about player-fan interaction, you’d have thought that they really would have laid the $25,000 hammer down on him.

It was also rumored after that game that Jacobs was sick of his role and demanded to be traded. Now, he is saying that’s not the case.

“I have not demanded a trade and have no plans to demand a trade,” Jacobs said. “The only demand I am making right now is of myself, to be the best player I can be and to help this team win.”

That’s doesn’t sound like a PR person wrote it at all. Sounds like Jacobs himself talking. Definitely. The trade talk was probably quelled when the Giants realized that no one would give up anything for a big running back that runs soft, is a malcontent, and is owed $3.65 million this year. Who wouldn’t want that on their team?