Is Responsibility a 4-Letter Word? | Finding Balance Between Participation & Relaxation

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Choices that encourage you to thrive and how to act responsibly…

responsibility action Is Responsibility a 4 Letter Word? | Finding Balance Between Participation & Relaxation

This is what all the mentors and self-help books are talking about. Making a choice that is in your best interest and at the same time being warm and fuzzy towards the greater good so we don’t step on any toes or accidentally kill some endangered species across the planet with our inattentive actions.

That’s a lot of responsibility!

I go to the Social Justice Series at the UU once a month to watch a film that will expand my horizons and that will provoke thought and conversation. The thing is though that I often leave these films either totally fired up and ready to tackle some huge industry or a little on the defeated side at the expanse of problems we face as a species. There are also those times when I am left with an odd mixture of the two with no direction but with the understanding that I must act.

That’s the rub with education. We learn and then we are meant to act responsibly according to those lessons. It’s the Take Away as some put it. We can remain ignorant of the issues at hand or we can choose to get involved… though once you go down that road it is a slippery slope and the lines of integrity keep shifting. It becomes very hard to ignore the impact you make with even the smallest of decisions and it takes an evolved personality to stay active and aware.

It can be downright exhausting. I mean, why not just throw it all to the wind and go kite surfing or dog sit my way from city to city? Why build anything and therefore tie myself down to a single location… why not just invest in the mobile office and take off into the great “out there” and see where I end up about 50 years from now? Why be responsible at all!!? It’s not as if my little corner of the world really matters in the face of the big box stores and governments…

When my brain starts to hijack my reason I try to focus on the fact that right now all I can focus on is the little bubble I’ve created here on the beach. I know there are a million things I could (or should) be doing according to both the voice in my head and the voices of others but in the mean time I can act in a mindful way socially by being a fair business owner, toward my environment by recycling and refusing trash that is unnecessary, making food choices that are ethical, and by surrounding myself with people who will bring out the best in me.

I guess that is the point. Not to get overwhelmed with the billions of choices and the possibilities and consequences our actions might incur and to just do the best we can. Just and single step followed by the next. One breath at a time.

Be Here Now. That’s It.

Be here. Just do the best you can. Breathe. Talk it out with friends. Stay away from poisonous situations. Be responsible for yourself. Love thyself. Everything else gets easier from there. One step, One Breath, One day at a time…