Stanley Cup Analysis: Is Roberto Luongo the LeBron James of NHL?

| by Off The Record

Ever since the Heat meekly went out in Game 6 to the Dallas Mavericks, all the talk has been about LeBron James. He’s a choke artist. He wanted no parts of the ball in the fourth quarter. He has no heart. He’s not an elite player. We’ve been hearing it all.

But, while the NHL doesn’t get as much attention, there is a “superstar” playing in the Stanley Cup right now for the Vancouver Canucks that is coming up much shorter than LeBron ever did. Roberto Luongo is in the second year of a 12-year, $64 million contract and is supposed to be elite. However, in every single game in Boston this series, he has been horrific. Game 3 they lost 8-1. Game 4 it was 4-0 and he was yanked for rookie Cory Schneider (who has played extremely well by the way). And with a chance to close out Game 6, he gave up three quick ones and the Canucks were never in the game. Again, he was pulled for Schneider (who played extremely well by the way).

Now, Luongo has to step up in Game 7 and be the guy they thought they signed to a huge contract.

“It’s one game, winner take all,” Luongo said. “I’ve been in those situations before. I know how to handle it. I’ll be ready for it.”

He better hope he is. Because that performance in Game 6 was about as bad as it gets. Sure in the three losses, the only difference between his defense and a hot bucket of hamster crap has been the bucket. But, last night was softy after softy.

Hopefully, playing at home has something to do with it.

“I’ve had some success on the road all year, and before this series started I said I enjoy playing in this building,” Luongo said. “I am not going to make any excuses. It just didn’t happen for me all three games. I’m just going to move on right now. We have one game to win a Stanley Cup. That’s what we’re looking forward to now.”

But I’m not putting all of this on Luongo. Where have the Sedin twins been? And the Canucks have seemingly placed whining and complaining above tough, physical play. That said, Luongo needs to remove his head from his ass if he wants to be known as a big-time player.

If not, then he’s Lebron On Ice until further notice.

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