Hollywood Box Office: Iron Man 2 Slays Robin Hood

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Yikes! Well, it seems that the dark and dismal looking Robin Hood prequel clearly wasn't able to overcome it's obvious suckiness combined with some of the worst reviews Celebrity Hot Sauce has seen in a while - because it opened at #2 this weekend.

Yup, Iron Man 2 in its second week slaughtered the man in tights - pulling in another $53 million compared to the $37 million for the Ridley Scott directed Russell Crowe vehicle. I told them - they should've put the gorgeous Kate Beckinsale in it. Or the utterly delicious Scarlett Johansson - who is of course in the movie that just kicked it's sorry ass all over the place.

Ooh - or even better - both of 'em  -- and then you feature them washing each other in an extended nude bathing scene -- for purely artistic reasons of course ;) Next time guys just be sure to check with me on your casting decisions and I'll sort ya out.

Iron Man 2 Slays Robin Hood Box Office Results