Kevin Pritchard Fired: Trail Blazers' Embarrassing Draft Night

| by Dwight Jaynes

– Pretty amazing how this team puked on itself right there in front of everyone. I’m not sure why Paul Allen has never appeared to listen to any advice regarding PR. He always seem to maximize damage for decisions he makes. This was incredible — firing Kevin Pritchard on draft night. I cannot believe it went down that way.

– That said, the notion that KP was fired for “no apparent reason” is ridiculous. There were reasons and they’ll come out. And they certainly don’t have anything to do with Paul Allen being jealous about how much publicity KP has been getting. Allen doesn’t WANT publicity. Doesn’t care about it. Now would he be concerned about someone getting credit for doing something he didn’t actually do? Yes, and I think rightfully so — if that happened.

– The story floating around that Pritchard tried an “end run” around Larry Miller as a franchise takeover — probably masterminded by Tom Penn, who would have become the GM underneath Pritchard as the president — has been confirmed by several Blazer insiders. You fire people for that kind of stuff.

– Rumor has it Pritchard, whom Allen didn’t want to speak with, was reporting directly to Hat Guy. Just sayin’.

– The Blazers messed with Warren LeGarie, which is not a smart thing to do. He turned the tables on them Thursday night and made a martyr out of Pritchard. Messy situation.

– Let’s really relax a little on the “tragedy” of all this. Pritchard will survive and so will the Trail Blazers.

– Incredible how far the value of Martell Webster and Rudy Fernandez have fallen. All you can get is a No. 16 pick? Wow. I think the Webster trade is crazy — a guy who has proved he can defend the small forward in the NBA is a commodity. Whether he’s inconsistent on offense or not. Not sure if Luke Babbitt can defend anyone.

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