In Person or Online, Join the March on Wall Street

| by AFL-CIO

If you’re ready to tell the big Wall Street bankers that you’re mad as hell about the mess they made with the economy and the jobs they destroyed, join the 10,000 union and community activists from National People’s Action (NPA) and other groups marching through the heart of New York’s financial district April 29.

The Thursday march and rally is part of the AFL-CIO’s Good Jobs Now! Make Wall Street Pay mobilization.

If you can’t make it to New York in person, we’ll take you there virtually. All you have to do to make your voice heard, demanding an end to Wall Street’s reckless practices that tanked the economy and for real financial reform, is click here. We’ll print your name  on a sticker that one of the marchers will carry.

After shadowy practices involving derivatives, hedge funds, private equity and subprime mortgages brought the economy crashing down and destroying millions of jobs, Wall Street’s Big Banks and financial institutions took hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars in bailouts.

Now, says AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka:

They’re back to business as usual—paying themselves millions and fighting accountability.


Congress is now considering financial reform legislation to rein in many of Wall Street’s greedy tactics and hold the Big Banks accountable. But according to Heather Booth, executive director of the coalition Americans for Financial Reform:

Since last year and through this year, [Big Banks] are spending $1.4 million a day in lobbying and political expenses to fight reform.

Along with calling for tough financial reform, the AFL-CIO supports four proposals for banks to pay a fair share to restore the economy:

  • New fees on Wall Street banks to pay back the cost of the bank bailout.
  • A special levy on Wall Street bonuses.
  • Closing the loophole for hedge fund and private equity managers—the wealthiest people in the country—and taxing them at ordinary income rates.
  • A financial speculation tax on all financial market transactions, including derivatives, futures and options.


Join the march and rally in person or online because, as Trumka says:

Together we can hold Wall Street accountable, restore jobs and strengthen the rules and make sure everyone plays by them.