I Feel More Sorry for Gary Coleman Every Day

| by Crazy Days and Nights

After watching these videos that Shannon Price recorded the day after Gary Coleman died, I feel so sorry for him. I always knew that she probably didn't have his best interests at heart, but watching these interviews, I get the feeling that Gary was probably abused, either verbally or physically, almost every day.

In the top video, Shannon talks about how people say she pushed Gary when he hit his head. At that point, I don't think anyone had said that. Now everyone says it, and just because Gary didn't tell the paramedics what happened doesn't mean it didn't happen. How many victims of abuse stay silent?

In the bottom video, which was released today, Shannon says that when she met Gary he had plenty of money and she managed to spend a great deal of it in Las Vegas. Now, though, she has blown through it all and Gary couldn't get life insurance, so she doesn't have money. Have you heard about a thing called a j-o-b? Get one.

What's crazy is that she sat down for these videos the day after he died and then sold them. You know what? She and Ryan O'Neal would make a great couple.

Here is the second video.