Ugly Injury Questions Surround Brandon Roy, Blazers

| by Dwight Jaynes
Perfect weather and a lot of time on my hands — the perfect setting for evaluation and perspective. And I just can’t stop thinking about the Trail Blazers and their current situation.

Because I don’t have answers. But boy, do I have questions. This, for me, is the most bewildering time I’ve ever spent around this franchise. And I must tell you, I believe — right now, this moment — there must be an awful lot being held back from the media and the fans. There are just too many things going on right now that seem impossible to explain, given our limited information.

For instance:

  • So, two players head to southern California for a “second opinion” on their physical condition but Brandon Roy — the team’s best and most highly paid player doesn’t go. Instead, his medical records make the trip. Not even current records, apparently. And that’s good enough? Really? That’s the kind of examination you want for the star of your team?
  • Roy says he is “bone on bone” on both knees. Man, if that’s the case, how did we get to this point? Did we know this? I assume the team most obviously knew it. And they still gave him a contract of that length and magnitude?
  • Roy limps off the court in the game Saturday night in New Orleans and did not return to Portland immediately? You don’t want your doctors to check him out right away?
  • The team’s head trainer is not even on this trip? He stayed home to work out with Greg Oden? Seriously… why? Is that necessary and if so, why? Why didn’t he and Oden just join the team on this road trip after that “second opinion” in California?
  • And oh, by the way, isn’t it about time someone told us why it is taking Oden so much longer to recover from his injury than it did Joel Przybilla — whose injury was MUCH more catastrophic? It makes no sense whatsoever.
  • Is there any truth to those persistent rumors that Oden suffered a re-injury last spring? And why weren’t we told about that? And why was he allowed (or forced to) return home toward the end of the regular season last year? Rumors abound about that, too.
  • Is this team in need of serious reevaluation of its medical staff and strength/conditioning program? If nothing else, just to absolve that staff from blame for all the injuries? Has this already been done (and if it hasn’t, please tell me why it hasn’t)? If it has, please announce it, just to take the heat off those guys because they’re kind of twisting in the wind right now.
  • If there’s no fault on the part of the medical staff, could it be this is the most unlucky or cursed franchise in sports? Maybe this franchise needs a witch doctor or an exorcist.
  • Could it also be that the people doing the drafting over the years for the Trail Blazers have totally disregarded medical history, warnings or red flags when it chose players? There are people in the NBA, for instance, who will tell you that their people who examined Oden prior to the draft told them to stay away from him because he appeared destined for multiple injury problems. And man, it just isn’t the last front office — this trend seems to go way, way back in Portland.

Is that enough questions for now? I’ve got more — those are just the ones that popped into my head after a terrific dinner tonight at this place, which is just about as good a restaurant — and there is NO question about that — as you’ll find on the planet.

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