Tone Legs and Butt: How to do a Perfect Squat

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Hey everyone! :) That picture of me look familiar? It is a screen shot from my summertime 200-Tone Up Workout Video! Eek to the orangey-blonde hair that I was rockin’ back then lol! I will put together another workout video very soon, perhaps before I start my new in 2 weeks! ;)

Sorry I missed you all yesterday! The BF had a death in his family so my focus has been on being there for him. I may not return to normal posting & blog visiting until Thursday evening.

Today I am just going to quickly talk about squats since they are one of the top workouts for your legs and tush! I think fitness model Lindsay Messina does the best job explaining them and a few variations in this video below:

A few important form notes:

  • Be sure you do not lock your knees when your legs are straight.
  • Knees should never be over the toes, they should be over your ankles.
  • Keep your back straight.
  • Breathe! :)

If you still have difficulty with squats the best tip I can give you is to actually put something down for you to “sit on”. For instance, I take a small weighted medicine ball and when I squat down I want my tush to touch it quickly and then come back up. This is a great practice for beginners or just to practice building great form.

Are you a fan of squats? What is your favorite/least favorite thing about them? What is your favorite tush & legs toning move?