How Life Can Give You the Best Workout of All

| by Fit Bottomed Girls

Credit: kevindooley

Are you ever surprised when a boring everyday activity leaves you gasping for air? Or when you get sore from tackling a  home improvement project like painting your bedroom? So was Renee Bedford, who found that standard gym training wasn’t preparation for farm work. Here Renee shares how everyday chores can get you burning—and who of us doesn’t appreciate a little multitasking? —Erin

Fitness Training for Life

Recently I visited a girlfriend on her farm. Fresh air carried the scent of hay, the horses nuzzled my hand, and green hills rolled for miles around me. Inspired, I decided to play Lady of the Farm and help my friend in her daily chores. She looked me up and down, slightly smirked, then handed me a shovel and told me to start mucking. What was that look for? She knows I go to the gym five times per week.

Keep reading for more on how you can feel the burn at home and turn your chores into serious calorie burners!