What Holly Madison Thinks About Ex Hugh Hefner’s Engagement

| by Oh The Scandal

Holly Madison is giving her two cents’ worth regarding her ex Hugh Hefner’s recent engagement.

But you will have to watch her reality show, due to air on January 29, to hear her views. One way to boost ratings I guess?

Holly Madison's Take On Ex Hugh Hefner's Engagement

The Holly’s World star told People of her reaction to Hefner’s engagement to Crystal Harris: After I heard about it, I wanted to save my feelings for the show. I wanted to confront Hef and just get all my feelings out there rather than make a statement.”

If you want to watch this momentous moment in television history, tune into E!…Ignore the phone and have your tissues ready.

Madison, who broke up with Hefner in 2008 because he refused to tie the knot, said of her upcoming televisual reaction, “It was definitely awkward, but good. A lot of people congratulated him on Twitter, but for me, it was such a personal thing. I wanted to go there.”

Hefner’s other ex, Kendra Wilkinson, wasn’t as emotional regarding the announcement. She told People, “I wasn’t surprised by it. I knew he was really, really in love. When I heard that he officially split from [estranged wife] Kim, I knew that was a sign.”

Wilkinson says Hefner is a man to marry – a pure gentleman.”

She adds: “Yeah, his age is his age, and it’s a little weird. It’s hard to see when you are on the outside, but easy to see why he’s so attractive when you’re on the inside.”

What a relief. The man has a heart of gold and it’s not the pockets lined with it (or wrinkly dangly bits) making him so attractive to the ladies.