Hip/Hop Yoga Practice w/ Dan Wilf & YOGANONYMOUS Trunk Show | Pure Yoga NYC 4/23

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Hey there New York! Join us on Saturday, April 23rd for a Hip/Hop Yoga Practice & YOGANONYMOUS Trunk Show at Pure Yoga!

dan wilf pure yoga workshop Hip/Hop Yoga Practice w/ Dan Wilf & YOGANONYMOUS Trunk Show | Pure Yoga NYC 4/23

Hip/Hop Yoga Practice w/ Dan Wilf

Saturday, April 23rd | 4pm – 6pm | Pure East

Join Dan Wilf for a special 2 hour “Hip/Hop Yoga Practice” to boost your practice and leave you feeling energized and inspired both on and off the mat! Set to an original playlist of hip-hop inspired beats and eclectic electronic rhythms, this energetic vinyasa flow based workshop will creatively explore the connection between deep HIP openers and high flying HOP inversions and will intelligently fuse the two together to culminate in our Hip/Hop Yoga Practice! Often times we carry our heaviest stress (both literally and figuratively) in our hips and it is the freedom and eventual lightness of this region of our body that allows us to fly high and rock our inversions. Dan has a special talent for offering advanced asanas and tricky transitions in a way that is fun and accessible for all to enjoy. While some previous practice experience is recommended, all that is required is an open mind, a positive attitude, and a willingness to have a great time! Get ready to crank up the tunes, turn up the heat, breathe deep, and let it rip! Drawing from his “rock ‘n roll” background, Dan aims to inspire each and every one of his students to tune in, open up, and ignite the flame within – to live a meaningful life in the flow of yoga. He encourages his students to have an authentic, creative, and self-exploratory experience, free from any judgment or attachment, each time they get on the mat.


clothing shot for blog Hip/Hop Yoga Practice w/ Dan Wilf & YOGANONYMOUS Trunk Show | Pure Yoga NYC 4/23


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