Here's A Showering Trick That Can Make You More Energized Before Work

| by Khier Casino

If you enjoy a nice, hot shower in the morning, that's fine. It is very relaxing. However, it will not leave you with a whole lot of energy to start your day. 

We start the day with a hot shower to wake us up, but it does just the opposite, reports. This is the reason doctors recommend taking hot baths and showers to those who have a hard time going to sleep.

Coming right out from a hot shower into cooler air brings a sudden decrease in body temperature, which leads to a calmer state of mind. points out that we spend about 4,000 hours of our young adult life showering, perhaps even more time than you spend on reading, exercising or watching television.

If your goal is to wake up in the morning feeling energized, here’s what you do: right before turning off the water crank it to freezing cold temperature for 30 seconds, then back to hot (this opens up the capillaries and increases blood circulation) and finally cold again.

According to scientific research, immersing yourself in cold water has been linked to increased tolerance to stress, a stronger immune system, increased ability to burn fat and help in fighting depression.

If you want to feel more energized for the day, try one of these other suggestions:

1.       Get some exercise. Working out can help you before you go to sleep, and feel refreshed the next day.

2.       Try basic yoga poses to relax your body and mind before going to bed.

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