Young Woman Learns The Hard Way Why You Should Always Test Hair Dye Before Using (Photos)

| by Brendan Kelly

A young woman learned a hard lesson about why you should always patch test hair dye before using it on the whole head.

Imgur user thechosenginger shared photos of her friend who suffered an extreme allergic reaction to hair dye. The post on the image-sharing site chronicled her friend’s five-day reaction to the dye.

“So, my friend had a pretty ridiculous allergic reaction to hair dye…” thechosenginger captioned the set of photos. 

The first photo in the set is from “the day she decided to go the ER,” and it shows the young woman’s face taking on a strange, almost alien shape as her head swells up.

The next photo shows a normal photo of the woman; the difference is astounding. 

The following photos show the progression of the reaction over the next several days. 

On the third and fourth days, the swelling causes her face to transform from a round shape to more of a square. On day four, the swelling begins to go down.

Fortunately, by the fifth day, the swelling decreased significantly.

“This, internet friends, is why you’re supposed to test hair dye on your hand before rubbing it on your head,” one user commented. “Risky decision of the day.

Sources: ImgurDaily Mail / Photo credit: Imgur