Woman Credits 'Grey's Anatomy' For Helping Her Discover She Had Breast Cancer

| by Amanda Andrade-Rhoades

Doctors on television are usually a far cry from real-life medical experts, but Sarit Fishbaine, a mother of three from Israel, was lucky she paid attention to an episode of medical drama series "Grey’s Anatomy."

While she was nursing her third child, she decided to get a checkup because a friend had recently died of breast cancer. “The doctor agreed I had lumpy breasts, but she assured me that I had nothing to worry about,” she told Yahoo Parenting. “… Amy lumpiness, she said, was probably due to milk collecting in one area of the breast and the issue would likely subside once I stopped nursing.”

Six months after that checkup, Fishbaine was catching up on episodes of "Grey’s Anatomy." In one episode, a young mother got a mastectomy because her breast cancer had been mistaken for milk buildup. “I couldn’t fall asleep that night — it felt like a huge warning sign. I had stopped nursing a few months prior and my breast tissue had softened up, but there was definitely a lump on my left breast.” 

Three weeks later, she saw a breast specialist who ordered an “urgent mammogram and biopsy.” 

Fishbaine was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer which had already spread to her lymph nodes. After months of aggressive treatment and a unilateral mastectomy, she beat cancer. 

Fishbaine’s story was shared by the show’s creator, Shonda Rhimes, and called it “humbling.”

“I’ve learned to always trust my instincts, even if they’re set off by something as silly as a TV show. You just never know," Fishbaine said.

Sources: IJReview, Yahoo Parenting

Image via Yahoo Parenting