Woman's Toothache Turns Out To Be Deadly Cancer (Photos)

| by David Bonner

A woman in Thailand is making headlines after revealing her medical condition which has caused her face to balloon and her teeth to fall out.

When Jennie Yoo first suffered jaw pain in November 2015, she thought it was merely the a toothache, reports the Daily Mail. But it turned out to be cancer.

The American Head and Neck Society provides the relevant details:

Although cancers of the head and neck region only account for five percent of all cancers reported yearly in the human body, 30 percent of these cancers occur in the oral cavity. That is roughly 22,000 new cases per year if cancers of the lip are not included. Between 6000 and 7000 deaths per year occur because of oral cavity cancer. As can be easily seen from the review of the anatomy and functions of this area, cancers of the oral cavity left untreated can have devastating effects on critical life functions for people who have this disease. Similarly, choice of treatment must take into account the potential loss of function in this area.

Yoo, 28, began chemotherapy treatment in March 2016, funded in part by donations from well-wishers. After about a year, the tumor appeared to be halted, but in June 2017, it suddenly became more aggressive.

As the tumor grew, it caused her face to swell to grotesque proportions, causing daily nose bleeds and making teeth drop out.

She has undergone around ten doses of chemotherapy but the cancer has not responded to the latest treatment. Surgery has also been ruled out by doctors and specialists in Seoul, South Korea, who felt that it would not be possible.

Currently, she cannot speak or eat, and is confined to her house in Bangkok, Thailand.

Doctors have given her only a limited time to live, so she has appealed for additional financial support to ease the burden on her parents, who are caring for her full-time.

Yoo explains her predicament:

Now this feels like dying, it's a painful torment and I have seizures all the time.

My parents cannot go anywhere, they have to stay and help me. I would like them to have a break, with people from an agency to help me, to bring a wheelchair to take me out.

Sleeping is not easy. Everywhere on my body is aches and is tense. My father has to squeeze and massage my knee until it is loose.

I don't know why this happened to me. I cannot eat, even porridge makes me feel sick and fruit I cannot chew. My mouth has ulcers and I cannot walk alone, the symptoms are very bad.

... I want help for my parents as they have to take so much time to look after me. Now they should be enjoying life and retiring, I do not want to be a burden on them.

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