'Heartbreaking': Teen Reportedly Suffers Heart Condition Due To Energy Drinks

| by Amanda Andrade-Rhoades

Dion Parratt of Kettering, England, is just 18 years old, but she has reportedly suffered two miscarriages and has to wear a heart monitor at all hours as the result of what she calls a “childhood drinking energy drinks.”

Parratt’s mother, Debby Frost, explained on Facebook that her teenage daughter has to wear the device because “her heart rate drops dangerously low."

In a Jan. 14 Facebook post that has gone viral, Parratt showed the wires attached to her body to spread awareness of the dangers of energy drinks. Although Parratt’s claims haven’t been verified, she said she started consuming energy drinks as a way to slim down, reported. 

"I was young and foolish and thought if I stop eating I will lose weight it worked but now I don't like food and hurt my body,” she wrote.

“I'm now stuck with wires and a massive box attached to me for 24 hours," she continued. "Before you drink rock stars and them cheap energy drinks think about what your doing to your body and to anyone who is a parent don't let your kids drink them they should be banned."

Frost noted that her daughter’s health issues have been difficult for the family.

“It’s really not nice watching (your 18-year-old) daughter go through this ... passing out when her heart rate drops so low, and then having this machine strapped to her .. Heartbreaking,” she wrote in the comments section of her daughter's Facebook post.

Sources:, Dion Parratt/Facebook / Photo Credit: Dion Parratt/Facebook, reynermedia/Flickr

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