Woman Questions Senator On Plane About Health Care (Photo)

| by Michael Allen

Kendall Brown found herself on an airplane with Republican Sen. James Lankford of Oklahoma on March 23, and asked him if he would talk to her about the GOP's proposed repeal and replacement of the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare.

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Brown took a picture of Lankford, and posted it on her Facebook page with an excited caption:

OH MY GOD after months of being unable to reach Senator Lankford to talk about the ACA he is ON MY FLIGHT. And I just tweeted him this morning and I think he saw because he looked deeply uncomfortable. WHAT DO I DO?!

Brown decided to tweet to Lankford, notes

Hi [Senator Lankford] I still would like to talk about the ACA with you. I haven't been able to reach you but your on my flight. Want to chat?

[Senator Lankford] I am free for the next hour, as it appears you are too. What serendipity! I am in row 19 but can come to you no problem.

[Senator Lankford] if tonight doesn't work (some people get nervous on airplanes, I would understand) we're headed the same place. Let's...

[Senator Lankford] schedule a time to get together. Coffee is on me. Love, a constituent of yours that would like my voice heard.

Many Twitter users encouraged Brown to go talk to Lankford, but she instead decided to write him a note, which she photographed and tweeted with a caption: "UPDATE: I spoke with [Senator Lankford] and gave him this. I'm very hopeful we'll be able to get coffee this week & look forward to chatting!"

Brown wrote about how she has an "incurable genetic disease" and "insurmountable medical debt."

Brown offered to share her story, included her seat row number and said she would buy him coffee at a future time.

Brown told that Lankford came to her seat, and asked about her question.

"I want to share my story with you and I want to have my voice heard on why the ACA is important to me," Brown recalled telling Lankford. Brown mentioned to him that she was available "literally any time."

Brown also told Lankford how she had previously tried to contact him via mail, email and Twitter.

"Well, you’ll probably get a letter from me in the mail soon," Lankford reportedly told Brown.

Brown explained to why she felt compelled to contact Lankford:

He pretty specifically isn’t listening to all voices right now and that’s why I approached him. I know there are a lot of people out there that have just as compelling stories about why they need the ACA. So, I had an obligation to approach him, not just for me but for everyone.

To his credit, Lankford did tweet to Brown: "Great to meet you on our plane tonight [Kendall Brown]."

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