Woman Dying Of Cancer Surprised By Flash Mob (Video)

| by Dominic Kelly

A terminally ill woman was surprised with a flash mob featuring all of her family and friends, and now, video of the uplifting tribute has gone viral.

Amy Wagner was diagnosed with stage three metastatic ovarian cancer in 2012, and as her daughter Lauren Keppel explained, her loved ones wanted to do something to show her how much she is loved.

“The impact she has had on the people in her life is tremendous and I wanted to be able to show her that in a cumulative, grander way,” said Keppel. “I am not sure she will really understand how much that she has given to us.”

Keppel had the idea to organize a flash mob for her mother, and after approaching her stepfather, the two started reaching out to family and friends. They were able to pull 50 people together, flying some out from various parts of the country to Wagner’s home in Illinois to take part in the tribute.

“Everybody said absolutely,” said Keppel. “She is incredibly influential.”

All the people taking part practiced at home prior to the big day, and when it actually came, they arrived at Wagner’s home with just three hours to prepare. When she arrived home, just one day before her birthday, Wagner was shocked to see that 50 of her closest family and friends pulled together to honor her.

“I thought when my stepson Grant had come out, that that was it, that he came home for the birthday weekend,” said Wagner. “That 50 people would do that for me, I am really humbled.”

“It is the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me,” Wagner continued. “I just love them all so much. I am really, really blessed.” 

Check out this inspirational video below.

"A Flash Mob for Amy!" from cnoellsch on Vimeo.