Oklahoma Hospitals Overflowing With Infants Diagnosed With RSV

| by Sean Kelly

Hospitals across Oklahoma have reportedly become overrun with cases of infants who have a dangerous virus.

A number of hospitals across the state have reported an increase in cases of Respiratory Syncytial Virus, with several children being admitted to the ICU and even being flown to out-of-state facilities, KFOR reports.

Linzi Stewart-Crawford's 7-week-old daughter Vale was diagnosed with the virus after she and her husband rushed her to the hospital on Feb. 17.

"By the time we got there, she was white as the blanket she was wrapped up in. Her oxygen saturation was in the 50s," Stewart-Crawford told KFOR. Vale is currently being hospitalized and is on oxygen.

"She was refusing to eat and not having wet diapers," Stewart-Crawford said. "It just progressed. Just within 24 hours, it had progressed so bad. It was awful.”

The virus acts similar to a cold in adults but can be life-threatening in children under the age of 2. Symptoms include breathing difficulties, no appetite or thirst, fever and changes in skin color.

At Children's Hospital in Oklahoma City, there were 144 cases in January. Integris Baptist Medical Center reported 120 cases in January and 90 in February so far.

And Oklahoma isn't the only state where this virus is popping out. A Tennessee father also recently spoke out about the dangers of RSV after almost losing his baby daughter to the virus, PopSugar reports.

Sources: KFOR, PopSugar / Photo credit: KFOR, Miles Associates

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