What Are Your Chances Of Making It To 85? New Life Expectancy Calculator Can Tell You

| by Khier Casino

Researchers at the University of Zurich in Switzerland have created an innovative “health calculator” chart that shows you your chances of living another decade.

The calculator is intended for 75-year-olds to figure out their odds of making it to 85.

According to the Daily Mail, scientists asked nearly 17,000 people key questions regarding four types of behavioral risk factors: whether they drank, smoked, exercised and ate fruit.

The chart shows that 75-year-old men with the worst lifestyle habits have just a 35 percent chance of living 10 more years, while the odds for healthy people increase to 67 percent.

Elderly women who smoke, drink, eat little fruit and rarely exercise had a 45 percent chance of living 10 more years, while healthier women raised their chances to 74 percent.

Smoking had the biggest influence on lifespan than the other three behaviors put together, the researchers found. Smokers increased their risk of dying early by 57 percent.

Poor diet, lack of physical activity and excessive drinking raised the risk of early death by about 15 percent.

Findings also revealed that a healthy 75-year-old can live longer than an unhealthy 65-year-old.

Overall, people with unhealthy lifestyles had 2.5 times the chance of dying within 10 years, reports The Telegraph.

Eva Martin-Diener, one of the study’s authors, says the “health calculator” could become a vital tool for doctors.

“The easy-to-understand overview boards will be able to assist physicians in the practices in health advice to their patients,” she said. “They can also be important for the political discussion of prevention strategies for non-communicable diseases.”

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Photo Source: Flickr/E'Lisa Campbell