'Too Fat To Fly' Passenger Kenlie Tiggeman Sues Southwest Airlines

| by Michael Allen

Kenlie Tiggeman, the overweight passenger who made headlines last May after she claimed a Southwest Airlines employee told her she was "too fat to fly," is now suing the airline (video below).

Tiggeman, who blogs about weight loss on her website, filed an injunction against Southwest Airlines in district court on April 20, claiming that the Southwest agents "did not follow their company policy and chose to discriminate, humiliate and embarrass [her]"  and that the airline uses "discriminatory actions ... toward obese customers."

Southwest Airlines currently has a 'Customers of Size' policy, which requires passengers to buy a second seat if they can't fit between the armrests. Southwest Airlines seats measure 17 inches across.

After the incident, Tiggeman said a Southwest Airlines representative called her to apologize, refunded her ticket and offered her flight vouchers. But last November, Tiggeman said she was again told, again, by another Southwest Airlines employee that she was too fat too fly.

Tiggeman said she is not seeking money. Her injunction wants an industry standard to be put in place for flyers who have to buy a second seat, including rules so that it is no longer up to gate attendants to decide whether or not an obese passenger has to purchase a second seat.

She told ABC News: "If you're telling me I have to buy two seats, you should tell me at the point of purchase, not the day I'm flying when I check in at the terminal."


A picture of Kenlie Tiggeman taken from her blog and before she was told she could not fly in April of 2011
Looking happy: Tiggeman says she aims to work out for 1,000 minutes per month and has lost 120lbs over the last three years
Struggle: For Tiggeman, pictured three years ago when she weighed 400lbs, the two incidents with Southwest Airlines were hurtful after she battled hard to lose weight
A picture taken from Kenlie Tiggeman's blog which helped convince her that she needed to lose weight

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