Video: The Science Behind The World's Caffeine Love Affair

| by Jonathan Wolfe

Are you one of the over 100 million Americans who depends on (and likely enjoys) the little boost caffeine gives you throughout your day? If so, check out this new video from the American Chemical Society.

Caffeine is America’s most widely used drug -- over 100 million Americans are daily coffee drinkers. But out love affair with caffeine doesn’t stop there. Energy drinks, caffeine pills, caffeine gum, and even caffeine jerky have become widely purchased caffeine-infused commodities in recent years.

Most of us know caffeine is a central nervous system stimulant. But have you ever wondered exactly how the little wonder chemical works in your body? Or wanted to know what the optimal amount of caffeine to consume in a day is?

If so, check out this quick little informative and entertaining video from the American Chemical Society.

P.S. – yes, caffeine jerky is a real thing. It’s sold under the moniker Perky Jerky and is marinated in guarana – a caffeine dense plant. Weird. Anyways, back to the video: